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Mai (Viole)

I've been collecting too many anime magazines as of late and need to sell off some promo items (and some other miscellaneous stuff) to buy more. Includes: Aikatsu, Colossus Order, Kamen Rider, Owari no Seraph, Missing Kings, Uta no Prince-sama, Naruto, Show by Rock, Yugioh, Z/X, and more.

Please message me (livejournal, skype, tumblr) if you’re interested. Accepting paypal and cash-in-the-mail. I can do international for posters/clear files and other flat items, but US-only for other things. Exact shipping costs will vary, but on average they’re $3 domestic for flat items.

And of course, multiple-item discounts apply!
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Drowning in life at the moment
Mai (Viole)
Ah, high school. A welcome break after the hell and horrors of middle school. The stage of youth that turns buds into blossoms. Where people act civilized without being told to. I'm still amazed by that. Where I have the freedoms to talk and eat anywhere. Where my laptop can be brought without physical risks. Of course, there's also the prices of attending such a heaven on earth (I can't believe I'm saying this about school); namely the studying. Question: out of the four listed carbohydrates, which one is a disaccharide? a-Glucuose b-Cellulose c-Glycogen d-Fructose (don't bother googling, it's a trick question). I really am not seeing myself in five years remembering any of this stuff.

Other good news about it is clubs; I seem to have sorta become a member of sci-fi and movie clubs. And for once I'm going to be partially understood by people, specifically the ones in the anime club. The members are decent people, although there's the obligatory low-EXP shounen reader and a self-admitted fujoshi. There may or may not be a goth coming in later. But there's an agreeable balance of gender, interests, and genres, so it should be a good year.

Moving in again didn't prove to be too much of a hassle either. Most of the boxes are gone and rooms are generally set up. The most strenuos thing left to do is putting books back in order, which will be a pain as I misplaced the pictures I had of it. Soon, posters and shelves will be up <3

Aside from IRL stuff, it appears that I have barely watched anything I wanted to over the summer. Only started on LOGH and SMS, and finished up Avatar/Korra and Wedding Peach. Technically, I'm not even done with Peach, still 3 more DXs to go. And then there was backtracking on Battle Spirits (Sword Eyes looks sweeeeeet~) As for Zeta, I'll finish it up this year. I swear I will! ぜったいに!

Copy paste post
Mai (Viole)

Caveat emptor - some things are not in the greatest condition. The worst condition that anything's in are Shinn and Meer, who are both missing a limb, although they're still up because some might want to see those characters maimed.

EDIT: Here's pictures. Also, there are two silver-hairsprayed wigs which are $5 each.


Axel [$9]

Roxas [$9]

Demyx [$9]

Heartless [$5]

AkuRokuDemi set [$20]

MANGA [$5 each; 3+ $4.50 each; 5+ $4 each]

Inubaka 1

Yakitate Japan 2

Yu Yu Hakusho 3

Yugioh Duelist Kingdom 18

Megatokyo 1-6

Fushigi Yugi 4

Di Gi Charat Theater: Dejiko's Summer Vacation

Kingdom Hearts 1-2

Kingdom Hearts II 1-2

Kingdom Hearts II 3 (in Japanese)

Inu-Yasha 2-4 and 10-13


Kodocha DVD 1 [$5]

Pokemon the Movie 2000 CD [$2]

Street Fighter II Super Famicom Cartridge [$5]


Kamen Rider Raia mini sofubi [25¢]

MegaBlack mini sofubi [25¢]

Auron figure [$8] display only

Zidane figure (Dissidia version) [$8]

3D Clamp Himura Rikuo figure [$8]

Shinn Asuka & Meer Campbell set [25¢]

Black Lady [$1.50]


Flag of Japan [$4]

Pokemon notepads x2 [$2]

Tare panda hanger [$1]

Lelouch sandal keychain [50¢]

Short, dark brown wig [$5]

Yugioh folder x2 [75¢]

Piplup pencil [75¢]


Will Trade or Sell off:

PCMH cards #05, 54 (x2), 55(x2), 56, 58(x2), 59(x2), 60, 62 (x2), 63 (x2), 64, 66, 67, 71, C08, C09, C10, C27, C33 (x2), and C34

Will Sell:
Pokemon cards at

Mai (Viole)
Well, later this week officially. My damn school gets out excessively late. So, there's just a couple things that I wanted to say about stuff that'll be happening soon to me. First off, general end of school year stuff happening this week (graduation, field trip). Next off, I'm gonna be forced on a state-hopping car trip and family reunion for a week-ish somewhere around July 19, so it's safe to say that I won't be on very much around before or after then. At least it isn't the boring side of the family. Thirdly, I'm moving yet again to a different house (although fortunately not too far), so for the time I'm moving in, there will yet again be a decrease of online time for me. The date isn't set yet but it'll be somewhere between late July to mid-September, and whenever the date is set I'll still need a lot of time before/after to pack/unpack all my stuff.

The only shelf that I can use for display. I can't even fit my GiUs out with the little area there currently is.

Anyway, planning of watching a ton of stuff this summer. Here's the current list:
UC Gundams I haven't seen (Zeta onwards)
KRs Kuuga, Blade, Hibiki
Battle Spirits Gekiha Dan, Brave, Heroes
Macross Flashback, II, Plus, 7
King Gainer
Wedding Peach
Sailor Moon S onwards
Keitai Sousakan
Giant Gorg
GaoGaiGar (again)
KRs Kiva, Decade (again)
Shinkenger (again)
Doctor Who

Shouldn't be too bad obtaining them, but finding time may be a little more difficult. And there's also the lack of space on my internal (11 gigs right now)... Guess I'll just have to do some summer hard drive cleaning.

Abra (Team Rocket TR 49) (10¢)
Bellsprout (Jungle JU 49) (10¢)
Brock’s Geodude (Gym Heroes G1 38) (50¢)
Brock’s Onix (Gym Heroes G1 69) (10¢)
Bulbasaur (Base Set BS 44) x3 (25¢)
Butterfree (Jungle JU 33) (25¢)
Caterpie (Base Set BS 45) (25¢)
Charmander (Team Rocket TR 50) (10¢)
Charmeleon (Stormfront SF 102) ($1.75)
Cleffa (Neo Genesis N1 20) ($2.50)
Cubone (Jungle JU 50) (10¢)
Cyndaquil (Neo Destiny N4 61) (25¢)
Cyndaquil (Neo Genesis N1 57) (10¢)
Dark Arbok (Team Rocket TR 19) ($1.50)
Dark Dragonair (Team Rocket TR 33) (50¢)
Dark Dragonite (Team Rocket TR 22) (75¢)
Dark Golduck (Team Rocket TR 37) (25¢)
Dark Jolteon (Team Rocket TR 38) (25¢)
Dark Kadabra (Team Rocket TR 39) (25¢)
Dark Machoke (Team Rocket TR 40) (25¢)
Dark Quilava (Neo Destiny N4 39) (25¢)
Dark Raticate (Team Rocket TR 51) (10¢)
Diglett (Base Set BS 47) (25¢)
Dratini (Neo Destiny N4 63) (10¢)
Drowzee (Base Set BS 49) (25¢)
Dugtrio (Base Set BS 19) (1¢)
Eevee (Jungle JU 51) (10¢)
Eevee (Team Rocket TR 55) (10¢)
Ekans (Fossil FO 46) (10¢)
Ekans (Team Rocket TR 56) (10¢)
Electrode (Triumphant TM 93) (75¢)
Entei (Wizards Black Star Promos 34) (75¢)
Exeggcute (Jungle JU 52) x2 (10¢)
Fearow (Jungle JU 36) (25¢)
Gastly (Base Set BS 50) (25¢)
Gastly (Fossil FO 33) (25¢)
Geodude (Fossil FO 47) x4 (10¢)
Golbat (Fossil FO 34) (25¢)
Goldeen (Jungle JU 53) (10¢)
Graveler (Fossil FO 37) (25¢)
Grimer (Fossil FO 48) x6 (10¢)
Hoppip (Neo Discovery N2 55) (10¢)
Hoppip (Neo Genesis N1 61) (10¢)
Houndoom (Neo Discovery N2 23) ($1.50)
Houndour (Neo Discovery N2 39) (25¢)
Ho-oh (Neo Revelation N3 18) ($2.75)
Igglybuff (Neo Discovery N2 40) (50¢)
Igglybuff (Skyridge SK 67) (25¢)
Jigglypuff (Jungle JU 54) (10¢)
Jigglypuff (Neo Destiny N4 44) (25¢)
Kakuna (Base Set BS 33) (25¢)
Koffing (Base Set BS 51) x3 (25¢)
Koga’s Pidgey (Gym Challenge G2 80) (10¢)
Larvitar (Neo Discovery N2 57) (10¢)
Light Ninetales (Neo Destiny N4 50) (25¢)
Light Wigglytuff (Neo Destiny N4 54) (25¢)
Lt. Surge’s Spearow (Gym Heroes G1 83) (10¢)
Machop (Team Rocket TR 59) (10¢)
Magmar (Base Set BS 36) (75¢)
Magmar (Fossil FO 39) (25¢)
Magmar (Neo Genesis N1 40) (25¢)
Magnemite (Base Set BS 53) (25¢)
Mankey (Team Rocket TR 61) (10¢)
Meowth (Team Rocket TR 62) (10¢)
Marill (Neo Genesis N1 66) (10¢)
Metapod (Base Set BS 54) (25¢)
Muk (Fossil FO 28) ($1.00)
Natu (Neo Discovery N2 59) (10¢)
Nidoking (Base Set BS 11) (75¢)
Nidoran ♀ (Jungle JU 57) (10¢)
Nidoran ♂ (Base Set BS 55) x2 (25¢)
Nidorina (Jungle JU 40) (10¢)
Nidorino (Base Set BS 37) x2 (50¢)
Oddish (Jungle JU 58) (10¢)
Oddish (Team Rocket TR 63) (10¢)
Onix (Base Set BS 56) x2 (1¢)
Paras (Jungle JU 59) x2 (10¢)
Parasect (Jungle JU 41) (25¢)
Pikachu (Base Set BS 58) (75¢)
Politoed (Neo Discovery N2 27) ($2.00)
Poliwag (Base Set BS 59) (10¢)
Poliwhirl (Base Set BS 38) (50¢)
Ponyta (Team Rocket TR 64) (10¢)
Porygon (Neo Destiny N4 78) (10¢)
Primeape (Jungle JU 43) (25¢)
Rapidash (Jungle JU 44) (25¢)
Rattata (Base Set BS 61) (25¢)
Rattata (Team Rocket TR 66) (10¢)
Seadra (Fossil FO 42) (25¢)
Seaking (Jungle JU 46) (25¢)
Seel (Neo Destiny N4 81) (10¢)
Slowpoke (Team Rocket TR 67) (10¢)
Slugma (Neo Destiny N4 82) (25¢)
Spearow (Jungle JU 62) x2 (10¢)
Stantler (Neo Genesis N1 76) (10¢)
Starmie (Base Set BS 64) (25¢)
Staryu (Base Set BS 65) (25¢)
Teddiursa (Neo Discovery N2 65) (10¢)
Unown E (Neo Discovery N2 67) (10¢)
Unown M (Neo Discovery N2 49) (50¢)
Unown O (Neo Discovery N2 69) (10¢)
Unown T (Neo Destiny N4 88) (25¢)
Venonat (Jungle JU 63) (10¢)
Venonat (Neo Destiny N4 90) (10¢)
Voltorb (Base Set BS 67) (25¢)
Voltorb (Team Rocket TR 69) (10¢)
Vulpix (Neo Destiny N4 91) (10¢)
Wartortle (Base Set BS 42) (75¢)
Weedle (Base Set BS 69) x2 (25¢)
Weezing (Fossil FO 45) (25¢)
Wooper (Neo Discovery N2 71) (10¢)
Xatu (Neo Discovery N2 52) (50¢)
Zubat (Fossil FO 57) x4 (10¢)

Fighting Energy (Base Set BS 97) x13 (25¢)
Fire Energy (Base Set BS 98) x3 (25¢)
Grass Energy (Base Set BS 99) x17 (25¢)
Lightning Energy (Base Set BS 100) (25¢)
Psychic Energy (Base Set BS 101) x2 (25¢)
Water Energy (Base Set BS 102) (25¢)

Bill (Base Set BS 91) (50¢)
Defender (Base Set BS 80) (50¢)
Energy Removal (Base Set BS 92) (25¢)
Energy Retrieval (Base Set BS 81) (50¢)
Energy Stadium (Neo Destiny N4 99) (25¢)
Gambler (Fossil FO 60) (10¢)
Gold Berry (Neo Genesis N1 93) (50¢)
Gust of Wind (Base Set BS 93) (25¢)
Hyper Devolution Spray (Neo Discovery N2 73) (50¢)
Mail from Bill (Neo Destiny N4 105) x2 (25¢)
Poke Ball (Jungle JU 64) (10¢)
Pokedex (Base Set BS 87) (50¢)
Pokemon Center (Base Set BS 85) (50¢)
Potion (Base Set BS 94) x5 (25¢)
Professor Oak (Base Set BS 88) (50¢)
Recycle (Fossil FO 61) (10¢)
Ruin Wall (Neo Discovery N2 74) (50¢)
Sleep! (Team Rocket TR 79) (10¢)
Super Potion (Base Set BS 90) x2 (75¢)
Super Rod (Neo Genesis N1 103) (10¢)
Team Rocket’s Evil Deeds (Neo Destiny N4 103) (5¢)
The Boss’s Way (Team Rocket TR 73) (50¢)

コダック [JP version of Psyduck (Fossil FO 53)] (50c)
Mew (special promo for the movie) (25c)

Max Heart cards (incomplete list)
Mai (Viole)
01-Misumi Nagisa (school uniform with lacrosse stick) sold
02-Yukishiro Honoka (school uniform waving) sold
05-Takashimizu Rina
24-Kujou Hikari & Porun sold
50-Mepple sold
51-Mipple sold
52-Porun sold
58-Yukishiro Honoka (casual wear)
59-Hikari Kujou (casual wear)
60-Misumi Rie
62-Misumi Ryouta
67-Cure Black & Mepple
69-Shiny Luminous & Porun sold
70-Misumi Nagisa & Mepple sold
71-Yukishiro Honoka & Mipple
C02-Omp sold
C25-Queen sold
C38-Precure & Luminous sold


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