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Mai (Viole)
Well, later this week officially. My damn school gets out excessively late. So, there's just a couple things that I wanted to say about stuff that'll be happening soon to me. First off, general end of school year stuff happening this week (graduation, field trip). Next off, I'm gonna be forced on a state-hopping car trip and family reunion for a week-ish somewhere around July 19, so it's safe to say that I won't be on very much around before or after then. At least it isn't the boring side of the family. Thirdly, I'm moving yet again to a different house (although fortunately not too far), so for the time I'm moving in, there will yet again be a decrease of online time for me. The date isn't set yet but it'll be somewhere between late July to mid-September, and whenever the date is set I'll still need a lot of time before/after to pack/unpack all my stuff.

The only shelf that I can use for display. I can't even fit my GiUs out with the little area there currently is.

Anyway, planning of watching a ton of stuff this summer. Here's the current list:
UC Gundams I haven't seen (Zeta onwards)
KRs Kuuga, Blade, Hibiki
Battle Spirits Gekiha Dan, Brave, Heroes
Macross Flashback, II, Plus, 7
King Gainer
Wedding Peach
Sailor Moon S onwards
Keitai Sousakan
Giant Gorg
GaoGaiGar (again)
KRs Kiva, Decade (again)
Shinkenger (again)
Doctor Who

Shouldn't be too bad obtaining them, but finding time may be a little more difficult. And there's also the lack of space on my internal (11 gigs right now)... Guess I'll just have to do some summer hard drive cleaning.


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