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Drowning in life at the moment
Mai (Viole)
Ah, high school. A welcome break after the hell and horrors of middle school. The stage of youth that turns buds into blossoms. Where people act civilized without being told to. I'm still amazed by that. Where I have the freedoms to talk and eat anywhere. Where my laptop can be brought without physical risks. Of course, there's also the prices of attending such a heaven on earth (I can't believe I'm saying this about school); namely the studying. Question: out of the four listed carbohydrates, which one is a disaccharide? a-Glucuose b-Cellulose c-Glycogen d-Fructose (don't bother googling, it's a trick question). I really am not seeing myself in five years remembering any of this stuff.

Other good news about it is clubs; I seem to have sorta become a member of sci-fi and movie clubs. And for once I'm going to be partially understood by people, specifically the ones in the anime club. The members are decent people, although there's the obligatory low-EXP shounen reader and a self-admitted fujoshi. There may or may not be a goth coming in later. But there's an agreeable balance of gender, interests, and genres, so it should be a good year.

Moving in again didn't prove to be too much of a hassle either. Most of the boxes are gone and rooms are generally set up. The most strenuos thing left to do is putting books back in order, which will be a pain as I misplaced the pictures I had of it. Soon, posters and shelves will be up <3

Aside from IRL stuff, it appears that I have barely watched anything I wanted to over the summer. Only started on LOGH and SMS, and finished up Avatar/Korra and Wedding Peach. Technically, I'm not even done with Peach, still 3 more DXs to go. And then there was backtracking on Battle Spirits (Sword Eyes looks sweeeeeet~) As for Zeta, I'll finish it up this year. I swear I will! ぜったいに!


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