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Mai (Viole)

I've been collecting too many anime magazines as of late and need to sell off some promo items (and some other miscellaneous stuff) to buy more. Includes: Aikatsu, Colossus Order, Kamen Rider, Owari no Seraph, Missing Kings, Uta no Prince-sama, Naruto, Show by Rock, Yugioh, Z/X, and more.

Please message me (livejournal, skype, tumblr) if you’re interested. Accepting paypal and cash-in-the-mail. I can do international for posters/clear files and other flat items, but US-only for other things. Exact shipping costs will vary, but on average they’re $3 domestic for flat items.

And of course, multiple-item discounts apply!

Giant double-sided Aikatsu poster - $5

Colossus Order promo cards - $2

Double-Action Wing Form CD - $2

Futari wa Pretty Cure trading cards (incomplete set) - $4

Tales series pinup - $3

Assorted Z/X Zillions of Enemy X items and promo cards - $5

Mikagura School Suite clear file - $4

Show by Rock!! clear file - $4

Yu-gi-oh set poster - $3

Yu-gi-oh assorted Japanese promo cards - $3

Double-sided Nisekoi!/Gin Tama poster - $3

Ouran High School Host Club manga volumes 8-15 - $30 (shipping will be higher on this, since it's heavy)


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